Circadian Rhtyhms Sleep Disorders

by uBiK

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Limited Edition Compact Disc Edit
Compact Disc (CD)
Artist Ubik
Catalog F90107
Edition 300
Format CD + Digital
Duration 40:00
Release Date May 31st, 2012

Avaible here :

Farmacia901 s proud to welcome Marco Bonini’s Ubik project to join our roster of active ingredients with a concept al- bum about chronobiology and Circadian rhythms. Some sleep disorders and their associated therapies will lead you towards a crooked trip between daylight colors and crepuscolar tones of the night.

LOGOS “The idea of dedicating a record to sleeping disorders hit my mind as an illumination when two tracks were already done and I was trying to find out their obscure sense. The more I searched for it the more I couldn”t sleep at night. Composing during nightime, through headphones, is a kind of sleep treatment for me. In a big city like Rome silence is a nearly nonexistent condition; only at night I seem to have the silence I need to concentrate, but some lonely car running down the road always comes to disrupt it. Insomnia is the most common among the most known and clinically studied disorders. I suffered, and I still suffer, from the oddest of them, known as Hypnagogia, or sleeping paralysis. I dedicated to this disorder a track performed in all but real time. It consists in awakening only with the mind, while for some time the body remains asleep and does respond to our commands. During this time of semi-awakening, sound hallucinations keep arising. In ancient times, these experiences generated beliefs about extra-body travel and demonic possession; today, alas, in the internet age, as soon as we wake up we can find all kinds of scientific information about this pathology, including pharmaceutical treatments.” Marco Bonini

TEKNE This is a project based on the sound of strings. Six strings can generate at least six different worlds; as a guitar player, Bonini always wondered what real multiplication of universes can be obtained by bouncing the strings through the digital world. The noises and field recordings heard in the CD are homemade, and they went through so many elaborations that he cannot remember their origins and the path of their changes. The method is based on multi-strata improvisations (several improvisations on top of one another), then brought back to a more or less stable form by means of montage, and later again mixed on digital platforms.


released May 31, 2012

Mixed by Fabio Perletta and Marco Bonini at F901.
Mastered by Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri at Antilights Mixmaster
Cover photo by Agnese Gambini



all rights reserved


uBiK Rome, Italy

uBiK is a solo project by Marco Bonini , Italian sound artist , composer and guitar player already involved in many other experimental projects (Acre, Mamavegas, Armaud ), his worked is based on real-time digitalization of guitar sounds, textures and warm drones, his live shows are physical improvisations who lead his vision towards science-fiction and chaos theory. ... more

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